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Our Team

Meet Our Team: Clients

Emily Johnson

Owner, Salesforce Consultant and Architect

Emily has over 25 years of business operations experience and 19 years of Salesforce experience.

Quentin Ochoa


Sr. Salesforce Developer

Quentin has 7 years of Salesforce experience including administration,
sales operations, quality assurance testing, and development.

Ethan Johnson

Jr. Salesforce Admin

Ethan has been on our team for a few months now. He is a Trailblazer and is working toward his Salesforce Administrator certification.


Garrett Johnson

Jr. Salesforce Admin

Garrett is the newest member of our team. He is beginning his Salesforce career as a Trailblazer and is working toward gaining his first certification.


Jacob Ochoa

Sr. Salesforce Consultant

Jacob has 5 years of experience in Tech Support and has been working with Salesforce for approximately 4 years as a certified CPQ Specialist, Platform Application Builder, and Salesforce Administrator.

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